Do you have some of your natural teeth remaining? In this case partial dentures are likely a great solution for you. At Avec Denture Clinic we provide custom precision fit partial dentures for clients in Port Hardy. If you have missing teeth and are looking to fill spaces to prevent other teeth from shifting, a partial denture will solve a lot of corresponding issues. We understand that missing teeth will not only affect your smile but also impact your biting, chewing, speaking, and overall dental health. Some people prefer partial dentures for cosmetic reasons, however, it is important to know that not having partial dentures when you have missing teeth can create challenges for your oral health.


How do they work? Partial dentures have internal attachments that will attach to an adjacent crown. They come in a few different varieties including flexible partials, cast frame partials, and acrylic partials. Selection of the best partial denture for you is made after thoroughly assessing your oral health and talking to you about your requirements. Get in touch with us today to know more about partial dentures!

Replace Missing Teeth With Partial Dentures

Missing teeth can affect your confidence and your oral health. Opt for partial dentures to secure the gum shape, maintain oral health and get your lost confidence back.

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